Constance Perdu’s Personal Notebook

My name is Constance, Constance Perdu. If you are reading this, you must have found my notes. Good … I am a founding member of a society called the Lost Museum Watchers. We believe in the existence of a supernatural place called the “Lost Museum.” We believe this is where objects go when they are forgotten, lost, abandoned or discarded … Did you recently lose a sock? Maybe a pair of glasses? Perhaps you can’t remember where you put something, perhaps you experienced a disappearance. Is this thing you lost out there somewhere? Maybe it’s gone to the Lost Museum.

Our Curious Collectors

The Alchemist

A comforting, ethereal presence, he seems deeply connected to the heart of the Lost Museum. The Alchemist collects rituals and letters. He welcomes visitors and new arrivals.

The Lost Performer

He’s been backstage for a long time… musing about the lost performances he collects. The Lost Performer lingers eternally in his 1940s dressing room arrivals.

The Architect

He’s welcoming and warm, but a bit distracted. The Architect researches and collects forgotten spaces

Okyame, the Linguist

He seems to be located far from 2020… Is he in outer space? Is he in the future? He tells me his purpose is to relay information through proverbs, philosophies and poems, and to preserve a rare collection of lost voices. 

The Librarian

An elegant, soothing presence, she seems to love tea as much as she loves the discarded and lost books she collects.

Terah the Wayfarer

When Terah stumbled on the Lost Museum, he recognized it as a place to collect and reflect. He aspires to bring positive realities into existence, balancing the energies of the universe.

Raheel The Umbrella Collector

Blown into the Lost Museum by a strong wind, he now collects lost, forgotten, abandoned and discarded umbrellas in his Umbrellatorium. He is a storyteller who speaks in verse and poetry.


Kanakiyost, has traveled across the globe to experience different views. Her perspective is steeped in a deep appreciation of nature and a growing knowledge of her indigenous background – Oneida of The Thames reserve in Ontario (Turtle Clan). While harvesting her experiences, Kanakiyost has gathered Indigenous works of art, creating the “Healing Room”

Notes From the Museum

You discover an astonishing book. It seems to hold worlds that are, and were, and some that are yet to be. Each page is filled with remarkable characters and images of mysterious places. The book looks valuable. What if Miss Perdu left this behind? You reach for a cup of tea and sink into an armchair. As you open the papers of this rare find, a note slides out. 

It reads: “Enjoy the World of the Lost Museum. Thank you for everything. I’ll be back.”