The Museum Office

It takes one person to lose something, but many people to build a mysterious museum. The Museum Makers discovered this one day, when they got lost together.

The organization responsible for bringing the Mysterious Makers together is The Creative Hub 1352. Our work is to Create Collaborate and Connect.  

To learn more, visit The Creative Hub 1352

Painting "Visual Land Acknowledgment" by Lynn Taylor 'Kanakiyost' Commissioned by Artscape Atelier Lakeview Community Partners

Acknowledging the indigenous peoples and lands upon which we create.

Meet the Museum Makers

Kadeem Dunn

Digital Designer, Curator, Educator
Role: Terah the Wayfarer

Lynn Taylor

Visual Artist
Role: Kanakiyost

Kim Lee Kho

Visual Artist
Role: The Lost Librarian

Andrew Gaboury

Actor, Writer, Clown
Role: The Alchemist

Ian Keteku

Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Musician, Educator
Role: Okyame the Linguist

Rohan Dhupar

Musical Theatre Artist, Dancer
Role: The Lost Performer

Raheel Patel

Visual Artist
Role: Raheel the Collector

Ken Snell

Architect, Professor of Architecture
Role: The Lost Architect

Heather Snell

Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Educator, Arts Researcher
Role: Artistic Co-Director

Jill Hollingsworth

Dancer, Choreographer, Educator,
Role: Artistic Co-Director

Noelle Hamlyn

Visual Artist, Designer, Maker
Role: Scenographer, Costumer Designer, Maker, Sets and Props Builder

Colleen Snell

Choreographer, Dancer, Writer
Role: Dramaturg, Set and Props Builder

Cathleen MacDonald

Producer, Director, Writer
Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Video and Digital Production

Cathleen MacDonald – Producer, Director, Editor

Jonny Micay – Cinematographer

Ian Reynolds – Production Sound Mixer

Nikita Brusnitsyn  –  Gaffer, Key Grip

Drone Footage:  Brandon Ostrowski , Colleen Snell

Written by

Colleen Snell and Andrew Gaboury “The Alchemy Lab”, “Lost Letters Office”, “Lost Library”, “The Dressing Room”, The Umbrellatorium”

Ian Keteku “The Preservation Portal”

Kadeem Dunn “The Space Between”

Ken Snell & Colleen Snell “The Atelier of Lost Spaces”

Colleen Snell: Web Writing

Photography by Noelle Hamlyn, Cathleen MacDonald


“The Forest of Good and Evil” Daniel Carlton

“Quietly on Tip Toe” Tim Moor



“Ohm” Jason Shaw, Audionautix

“You and the Night and the Music” Patrick and Son Orchestra

“Italburg” Andreas Woll

“Milky Way” Julius H

“The Escape” Tim Moor

 Web Development

Matthew Ogbulafor – Web Developer

Kristina Johnston – Web Developer

Cynthia Crofoot – Media Coordinator

Samuel Wang  – UX Tester