The Supporting Pillars

Our Patrons and Partners

Every Museum needs a solid foundation and strong pillars. We are grateful to our patrons and partners for their support and encouragement.

Thank you to …

The Foundation

The Pillars of Support

Community Partners

  • Canadian Museums Association
  • Cawthra Park Secondary School, faculty, and students
  • Christie Lites, Graeme Rivers
  • Cultural Human Resources Council 
  • DA Design Inc.
  • Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters Indigenous Arts & Cultures
  • East of Eden Antiques
  • Fly by Night Books
  • Frog in Hand
  • Guelph University, faculty, and students
  • Hand Eye Society
  • Heather Snell
  • Humber College, faculty, and students
  • Jill Hollingsworth
  • Lakeview 262 Army Navy Airforce Veterans in Canada
  • Mississauga Arts Council
  • Motion Picture Enterprises, Cathleen MacDonald
  • The Open Space, Nitin Sawant
  • OnUP Productions, Siddhant Sawant
  • Randolph College for the Performing Arts, recent graduates, and members of the Graduating Class of 2020
  • The Annex Theatre, Evan Harkai
  • Young Canada Works Building Careers in Heritage

Creative Hub 1352 Board of Directors

  • Stephen Griggs, Director Legal Counsel 
  • Paul Michel, Chair 
  • Leon Song, Treasurer
  • Sue Archibald, Director Programs – Visual Arts
  • David Howes, Director-at-Large
  • Sharon McLeod, Director – Secretary
  • Georgette Zinaty, Director, Fund Development
  • Brenda Armstrong, Director, Volunteer Development
  • Amy Benoit, Director, Human Resources
  • Upsana Chandra, Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Sabra Desai, Director, Community Development & Outreach
  • Jack Sloggett, Director, Logistics

Want to be a Supporting Pillar?

We are delighted to work with our sponsors and partners who, together with CreativeHub artists, production and event team, board of directors, and volunteers, make InSitu a true community experience accessible to everyone. Contact us to discuss how we can help you connect with your community.